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CALL FOR ARTISTS - 101 VAGINA - LOS ANGELES ART WALK The breakout Australian exhibit for the well-received book 101 Vagina is making its way across the sea to American shores, and will begin its US and Canada tour at no place other than your very own Think Tank Gallery in DTLA. Photographer Philip Werner approached us months ago with the intention to cover our high walls with 101 black and white photos of women’s vaginas, in front on standing pose, accompanied by a message written by each woman about her vagina. The messages span the spectrum of emotions and form a small compendium of women’s experiences with their vaginas and womanhood in general, and they’ll be exactly what you’ll find in the crowd-funded book. 101 Vagina’s site has this to say: Werner was first inspired by reading Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues in 2007, and wanted to do something to counteract the unrealistic standards held up by various media which lead many women to feel that they are not normal or attractive. 101 Vagina is relevant to current issues around labiaplasty. There has been a startling increase in genital cosmetic surgery being sought by women, and even teenage girls. The book has been widely praised for it’s honest, diverse images and messages. Werner is aiming to host a night of workshops, readings, and other artwork created around the instrument of mankind’s origin in his “Festival of the Vagina” as well, on April 10th during the DTLA Art Walk, and has put out a Call for Artists. Check it out here, and show your stuff at our gallery for an educational evening. on tumblr:


10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY ON SATURDAY SEES TONS OF GREAT ART AT THE THINK TANK Some of the funnest events we have ever hosted have been thrown by Assembly Line Collective. This weekend ALC is hosting a celebration of their first ten years together, which is no small accomplishment. Some of the best neo-pop surrealism, street art, and illustration you could see will be filling our walls, with pieces by around 40 artists in our 8,000 sq ft of space. Here is what ALC has to say about the exhibit: The Decade 10 years ago, ALC hosted their first art show in Los Angeles, CA. It took place under the 1st street bridge in a parking lot of a loft. The bridges base walls were used for live graffiti, and a loft was used for the art show. They had live performances by hip hop artists from Project Blowed (who later one of them turned out to be nocando). As they grew, they captured the attention by many artists who wanted to contribute and collaborate with ALC. From an art crew, they grew into an entire collective working with artists around the globe. They’ve worked with artists such as: Angry Woebots, Eye One, Date Farmers, Kofie, 123Klan, Marka1, Michael Page, Yosuke Ueno, Allison Hueman Torneros, Mimi Yoon, and so much more. They’ve done shows out of California and into international territories. The Decade is a show to celebrate their success. It will consist of artists anew and old. The show will feature many types and styles, and more importantly; inspiration to the community. THe party is on Saturday, and you can RSVP and find more about the event at their Facebook page here.  on tumblr:


THINK TANK PRESENTS AVI ROTH: COFFEEGRAPH – RECAP VIDEO In what became the most popular and in-depth exhibit the Think Tank has produced to date, Avi Roth: Coffeegraph brought players from DTLA’s exploding craft coffee scene under the same roof to celebrate the urban phenomenon that is craft roasting. While Avi’s art was certainly the focus, the gigantic Think Tank creative team used the opportunity to explore what we found interesting about coffee, and discovered that mostly it was the various strains of social structure that are stuck together through this magical chemical compound. We decided to put together a sort of festival of coffee, planning 21 events in 21 days (ended up having closer to 16) after teaming up with LA Coffee Club, who brought in the most highly-curated names in LA coffee. From a YouTube brand integration panel to a Wu Tang VHS Kung Fu Pajama Party, and from Chess Boxing to sword swallowing, the Think Tank served as a cultural hub for a month, bringing in all sorts of audiences during the hours we ran a pop up coffee shop in the middle of the gallery. It was a show of firsts for us, bringing everything from our first real partnerships to our first self-produced and well-attended events. Check out the video above, see a list of Think Tank contributors below, and look out for our next big show this Summer! Think Tank Production Team: Avi Roth – Artist Patrick Nissim – Content Manager Patricia Wayne – PR Manager Aurelia Friedland – Lead Experience Designer Garrett Kovacs – Lead Installation Artist Pilar Chavez – Installarion Artist Danny Heidner – Installation Artist Ana Thomas – Installation Artist / Assistant Producer MACA – Lead Designer Drew Cox – Lead Preparator Colin Bookout – Preparator Arnaud Delente – Preparator / Documentarian Dan Snyder – Preparator David Darley – Preparator John Kennamann – Executive Producer Jordan Paul – Preparator / Chess Boxing Ambassador Dylan Froelich – Preparator / Research Assistant Jacob Patterson – Director Brandon “Monk” Muñoz – Furniture Designer Evan Hagen – Promoter Jen Reed – Performance Artist on tumblr:


DESIGNER REPLACES REAL ESTATE AGENT PHOTOS WITH REENACTMENTS OF THEIR PORTRAITS Phil Jones, who you might know from his Mr. Tee photo that got passed around a while back, or this cute little video of a man running from transitions, has an obsession with the way real estate agents photograph themselves to be placed on a public bench, to be treated in such a way as only an image of one’s face could expect to be treated on a public bench. And, as with one of our favorite projects on real estate photos, Phil decided to turn this into a blog project and photo series. He says that they don’t stick around for long, as people usually peel them off to see what is underneath. on tumblr:

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