COFFEEGRAPH was a show that was inspired by work of the same name. Avi Roth abandoned his career as a well-known fashion and jewelry photographer to begin his defining work, patenting a method that roasts, grinds, and extracts coffee beans into what he sees as the most versatile pigment on earth. With the nature of coffee as both a ceremonial and social tool of both ancient and contemporary practice, Think Tank Gallery took the gorgeous work and applied it to the Think Tank mentality of an indebtedness to spectacle. Our immediate task was to research the coffee landscape in our community, which led to the discovery of LA Coffee Club and their commitment to the evolving craft roasting scene in Los Angeles.
Think Tanker Garrett Kovacs transformed the space into a fully-sculptured coffee bar, hosting LA’s most exciting names in coffee from Dec 1 – 21. LA Coffee Club and select partners invited the community for a series of events ranging from coffee table conversations and workshops to live music and performance art with the goal of sparking creative discussion over a cup of craft coffee.
There were six roasters and 18 events in all, and they dictated the reception of the show just as much as we did through our own work. The crown jewel of the show was the coffee shop itself, more on which you can see below, as well as some of the decisions made on the exhibit by the brands that got involved. Selected Coverage will show the response of the LA coffee and art scenes to our festival for the senses.


The symbiosis between Coffeegraph and LA’s expanding coffee culture is quite remarkable. We are both on parallel journeys of expansion lead by a common denominator – COFFEE.

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Coffeegraph by Avi Roth features artwork crafted from coffee and coffee by-products. Without using brushes, the organic pigment distilled from the roasts is shaped using various tools to form a Rorshach-like art experience that cannot be replicated. Avi is an Israeli photographer from Transylvania who studied photography in London, and built his career in America. In 2006 he found the Coffeegraph, and since then has taken traditional media and commented on them digitally through his compositions.
Avi’s work is a patented technique with a scanner he invented to scan his abstract works painted of coffee pigments that he creates himself, and then remasters digitally. His originals are rarely shown and highly impacting. We showed a small selection of originals as well as his first sound art collaborations and a large body of his digital paintings.   

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LA Coffee Club collaborated with Think Tank Gallery to curate an all-you-can drink coffee experience filled with events and workshops.
 Craft roasters like Stumptown Coffee, Caffe Vita, and Cafe Demitasse were just a few of the companies that served their brew inside of our pop-up coffee bar installation, and such events as swings dance parties, latte art throwdowns, and Dead Meadow record release parties filled the calendar.
 They also helped to transform our coffee bar sculpture into a fully functioning espresso shop, outfitted by La Marzocco and Barista Capsule, and run by enthusiastic baristas from around the city.
LA Coffee Club has one simple mission: expose you to unbelievably fresh, locally roasted coffee, and to this day they serve the community with just that.

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LA Coffee Club and Think Tank Gallery brought together craft roasters and novel programming to create a social environment fit for enjoying the best of both worlds. We invited coffee fiends to check in daily to see what coffee and events were brewing each day.







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