Think Tank Gallery is located in Los Angeles, California and centered in the heart of the historic fashion district. The space features 6,500 sq ft of gallery space fit for art exhibits, events, and film/photo productions. Six rolling, full-size wall dividers allow you to shape the space to fit the capacity and needs of any event. A freight elevator is located in the rear for transporting equipment to and from the gallery, with a private alleyway and dock for loading. For private events  that require guest lists or single-file entry, this gated alleyway may be used to facilitate admission into any event. In addition to the space itself, Think Tank will provide a supportive location manager who can assist you with any needs you may have during an event or shoot.


The Main Gallery is roughly 4,500 sq ft and best suited for larger events or exhibitions. You may choose to rent the space as is or rent one or more of our rolling walls to divide the space as you wish. For art exhibits, you’ll be able to hang pieces along our white walls, host large installations, and set-up an open bar. If you’re looking to draw a big crowd and require more space for your event, this space can be rented along with the Project Room for more capacity. Power supply and bathroom access is available.

Large Windows Private Bathroom Easy Stairwell Access Passenger Elevator Wireless Internet 12ft Ceiling

4,500 sq ft 12ft Ceiling

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For smaller events or performances, the Project Room gives you roughly 2,000 sq ft of easy-access space. The stairwell from the private alley leads directly to the entrance of this area, making it easier to manage your crowd. With the amount of room you”ll have available, you can bring in a crowd and still have room for the bar and merch tables. This area is adjacent to the Main Gallery and Diner, making it easy to spread your event in any way you”d like. Power supply and bathroom access is available.

Large Windows Easy Stairwell Access Alleyway Access Freight Elevator Private Bathroom

2,500 Sq Ft. 12ft Ceilings

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One of our most popular spaces, the Diner is a nostalgically designed room furnished with plush diner booths and classic decor. While this area may be used as a dining or craft services area, many photographers and filmmakers have chosen this space to capture that throwback Diner aesthetic. For events that are already using the gallery space, the Diner provides a great area for a VIP hangout for special guests or patrons. Power supply and bathroom access is available.

Overhead Pendant Lighting Plush Diner Seating Commercial Gas Stove and Oven Private Bathroom

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