Eventbrite - Think Tank Gallery and Ate9 Dance Company Presents: Queen George

Think Tank Gallery and Ate9 Dance Company present Queen George, a multi-disciplinary event featuring humans as visual art. Showcased alongside the abstract coffee-based art of Avi Roth and the visionary craftsmanship of designer Amir Raveh, Ate9 will orchestrate intimate dance performances that engage directly with their audience and the work that surrounds them. Queen George runs on an ongoing loop, allowing the audience to enter and exit as they wish.



January 21-22 | 7:30-10:00PM

January 24-25 | 6:00-8:30PM




Ate9 is a premiere name in Los Angeles for experimental dance, led by renowned choreographer Danielle Agami.
Deemed “one of Los Angeles’ hottest cultural commodities” by the Fjords Review, Ate9 will perform their latest work in Queen George by staging intimate duets throughout the gallery. Choreographer Danielle Agami has orchestrated a visual piece that is impactful and highly physical in nature. Due to the nature of the exhibition, audiences will be intimately close to the action and immersed in all of the supporting visual elements provided by Roth and Raveh.



DividingLineAMIR RAVEH


Amir Raveh is a designer who has crafted masterpiece furniture from repurposed materials in war torn countries.
Known best in his home country of Isreal (the nationality shared amongst all three artists), Raveh has made his name by scavenging for found material to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Melding utility with humanity, Raveh transcends the inherently posh identity of furniture design and introduces a level of soulful inquisition for all audiences to witness.


All of Amir Raveh’s pieces will be available to bid on online and will be auctioned off on the 25th, the final day of the show (auction courtesy of Bid27).


DividingLineAVI ROTH


Avi Roth is a abstract expressionist artist who conjures rorschach-like paintings with his brushless, patented Coffeegraph process.
After reaching a high level of success as a fashion photographer, with placement in publications like Harpers Bazaar and Vogue, Roth sought out a higher calling. Through his Coffeegraph process, based on the principle of using coffee as a pigment, he has found creative nourishment and critical praise for his innovative work. Without using brushes, Avi shapes each piece based on an intuition that can only be described as a spiritual influence – allowing the essence of each piece to be spontaneous and mysterious all at once.





Inspired by 27 Rue de Fleurus, Gertrude Stein’s famous art salon of the nineteen twenties, Bid27 serves as a single destination for discovering culturally progressive art while providing informative mentorship for artists and purchasing guidance for collectors. Bid27’s art auction focuses on emerging and mid-career artists, selling their work in a unique and custom tailored environment as the auctions travel to different art communities around the United States.
The works of both Avi Roth and Amir Raveh will be displayed and up for auction, with the online bidding beginning on Jan 13th and concluding on the final day of the show, Jan 25th. The works will be sold amidst a celebratory cocktail party, with lucky collectors taking home a piece of a one-in-a-lifetime show.




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