Are you curious about the most valuable quarter errors of 2022? This year has been promising for coin collectors, with several rare and unique quarter errors circulating in the market. Add these valuable errors to your collection now!

Nothing makes the day of a coin collector more exciting than discovering a rare error coin that no one else has. If you possess such a rare coin, you can sell it for a hefty price, but only if you know exactly what you have. Error coins come in various forms, including off-center strikes, broad strikes, and die cracks.

Other common errors highly sought after by collectors include wrong denominations and two bonded coins. In this post, we will explore different types of 2022 error coins and provide a comprehensive guide on identifying and properly valuing them. If that sounds in your collector's wheelhouse, read on to learn more!

The Most Valuable Minting Errors in 2022 Quarters

The Most Valuable Minting Errors in 2022 Quarters

Minting errors come in different forms, some more valuable than others. If the coin is already rare due to mintage numbers, minting errors can make it even rarer, making it more valuable than its counterparts. So, how do you identify an error coin? Below, we have listed some of the most valuable minting errors found on coins:

Die Minting Errors

If you have been in the market for error coins, you may have heard of die-minting errors. But what are they? The die is the hardened piece of metal that becomes the coin after the striking and coining process. Typically a coin is made using two dies, one for the obverse (front) and one for the reverse (back). During the minting process, errors can occur due to the dies not being aligned or damaged. The following are some of the common die errors:

  • Die breaks
  • Clashed dies
  • Doubling of design
  • Mismatching of two dies
  • Misaligned dies
  • Rotated dies
  • Missing edge lettering

Planchet minting errors

The planchet is the blank disc of metal used to mint coins. This kind of error is mainly due to improper use of the coin press, which results in a coin that is not formed properly. The following are some of the common errors that may arise in this way:

  • Clipped planchets
  • Wrong shape and size of the planchet
  • Wrong thickness
  • Chipped and cracked planchets
  • Transitional errors

Strike minting errors

Striking is the last process of coin minting that involves impressing an image onto a blank piece of metal. Since this is a crucial part of coin production, it must be done correctly. Errors, however, often occur during this step, leading to striking minting errors. These errors come in various forms, ranging from minor to major defects. The following are some of the common strike-minting errors:

  • Off-center or misaligned strikes
  • Multiple strikes
  • Overstrikes
  • Weak strikes
  • Rotated dies
  • Designs struck on the wrong size planchet
  • Bonded strikes
  • Struck fragments printed to another coin

Valuing 2022 Quarter Errors

Now that you know what errors to look for, it's time we talk about how to value them. Since manufacturers get rid of most error coins, the ones that survive are highly sought after by collectors. The price of such error coins can range from a few dollars to an astronomical value exceeding thousands of dollars!

Below, we list some of the most valuable 2022 quarter error coins:

Wilma Mankiller Washington Quarter Errors

Wilma Mankiller Washington Quarter

The Wilma Mankiller quarter has the most reported errors. The coin is named after Wilma Mankiller, the first female Chief of the Cherokee Nation. If you are looking for a 2022 error quarter, this is the coin you should be on the lookout for!

The following are some of the common errors found with the Wilma Mankiller Washington Quarter:

Coin nameError(s)Coin Value
2022 P Quarter Wilma MankillerScarface and the deformed C$1500.00
2022 D Quarter Wilma MankillerMisprint In the Star. This is one of the most rare errors!$1000.00
2022 P Quarter Wilma MankillerDie cracks, misprints, and scares on face$840.00

Maya Angelou Washington Quarter Errors

Maya Angelou Washington Quarter

If you are looking for a truly valuable coin that carries a lot of history, look no further than the Maya Angelou Washington Quarter Errors. The coin is named after the renowned American poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou—the first  African American female poet to appear in the United States quarter coin.

The following are some of the common errors found with the Maya Angelou Washington Quarter:

Coin nameError(s)Coin value
2022 P QuarterDrooling George flower in the hair very rare clover George$1900.00
2022 P Maya Angelou quarterA drooling Washington error$1000.00
2022 new Maya Angelou



Drooling Washington mint error coin with major flaws to Maya$900.00
2022 P Maya Angelou quarterRare front and improper back strikes die to gouge error$799.00
2022 P Maya Angelou QuarterIn God Error coin, circulated$700.00
2022 D Maya Angelou Washington quarter



Die chip/crack error- drooling George$500.00

Nina Otero-Warren Washington Quarter Errors

Nina Otero-Warren Washington Quarter

This is one of the coins that have not been studied much but are becoming increasingly popular. The coin is named after Nina Otero-Warren, the first woman to serve on the New Mexico State Board of Education.

The following are some of the common errors that may be found on a Nina Otero-Warren Washington Quarter:

Coin nameError(s)Coin Value
2022 P Quarter NinaOtero-Warren Double Die Obverse Error$800.00
2022 D Quarter NinaOtero-Warren Error

Drooling George

2022 P Quarter Nina OteroWarren Double Die Obverse Error$350.00

Bottom Line

2022 quarter errors come in various forms, some more valuable than others. Some popular error quarters from 2022 include Wilma Mankiller Washington Quarter Errors, Maya Angelou Washington Quarter Errors, and Nina Otero-Warren Washington Quarter Errors.

The value of such coins varies greatly depending on the type of error and the type of coin. All in the 2022 quarter is a great opportunity for collectors to add some rare and valuable coins to their collections.

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